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June 22, 2016
Worship at Grace: June 26th
June 25, 2016
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New piano tutorials posted


Thanks for all the feedback we’ve received! There are now 11 piano tutorials posted:

  • Introduction
  • Voicing triads
  • Voicing seventh chords
  • Altering the 3rd
  • Adding the maj7 and 9
  • Drop-third and -fifth chords
  • The primary chords: I, IV, V
  • The secondary chords: vi7, ii7, and iii7
  • Voicing common tones
  • Planning the top note
  • Developing RH melodies

There are another 10 or so tutorials planned, covering melodic fills, rhythmic patterns, bass inversions, and playing with a band.

After this tutorial section is finished, we’ll begin posting demos of songs in the same video format, with explanations of chord voicings and melodic/rhythmic devices.

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