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Dorico: an interview with Daniel Spreadbury

November 7, 2018

This summer I switched from Finale to Dorico for all my writing and arranging. The process has been well worth the time and effort, and it’s completely transformed my workflow for lead sheets, piano scores, and orchestrations. Meanwhile, Dorico continues to improve with every new update.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Daniel Spreadbury, lead marketing manager for Dorico. We discussed the program’s origins, aesthetic influences, and design philosophy, as well as what’s to come. The future of computer-based music notation is certainly bright!

You can listen to the interview in its entirety here:



To watch an introduction to Dorico, check out their YouTube channel. There’s also a Facebook users’ group and an active forum.

I’ve written a brief introductory guide to Dorico that new users may find helpful. You can read and download it here.

You can download a free 30-day trial by visiting  There’s a significant discount available for Sibelius and Finale users.