Sing. Play. Edify.

Patrick Anderson Guitar Workshop


Patrick Anderson recently hosted a Saturday workshop at our church for all our guitarists. He covered a wide variety of topics, including chord voicing, strumming, and finger picking.

You can click on the icons below to download the handouts to accompany the videos.

Session 1

Common challenges that guitarists face
Introduction to CAGED
Fluid strumming and chord voicing
String muting
Key personalities in CAGED
Practicing CAGED up the neck

Session 2

Key personalities in CAGED
Using partial/cut capos
Using multiple capos
Memorizing CAGED placement up the neck
Chord numbering system (Nashville/Roman Numeral)

Session 3

Helpful resources for progress
Roman Numeral & Nashville Numbering Exercise
Assorted Questions
Fingerstyle patterns and techniques
Feeling the tension of the strings

Session 4

Singing and playing
Concepts Review
Fret-hand positioning and using arm weight
Brush picking, Hybrid picking, amd Travis Picking
Pick Placement
Reproducing picking ideas in different keys
Building blocks of Travis Picking
Avoiding common mistakes with strumming
Strumming with a metronome

Session 5

Strumming in different meters
Building variety into strum patterns
Strumming in 3/4 and 6/8
Final Remarks and questions