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Hymnal arrivals and a big sale

May 10, 2017

They’re here!

We’re happy to announce that the third and final printing of the Sing the Wonders: Hymns and Psalms for the Church has arrived! We’ll begin fulfilling all remaining orders today and tomorrow.

An offer

We reprinted both for our own church family and for others who still wanted to purchase the hymnals, but we have approximately 500 hymnals extra— and no room to store them. We’ve decided to make hymnals available to purchase in boxes of 22 copies for $110 plus shipping. That’s $5.00 per copy, which is less than what it cost us to produce them!

We’ll also be selling boxes of 12 spiral-bound hymnals for $120. That’s $10 a copy instead of $15— also below cost.

We’d love to see these hymnals be a blessing to even more believers! You can click the button below to visit the Grace Music store.

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