Piano Tutorial Videos, Part 1

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1: Introduction

An overview of the three categories: harmony, rhythm, and melody

2: Voicing Triads

Basic 1-5-3 voicings of major and minor triads
Voicing first-inversion chords

3: Voicing Seventh Chords

Voicing m7 and maj7 chords
The Mm7 (7) chord

4: Altering the Third

The sus2, add2, and open 5 chords
Altering the V to Vsus and Vadd4

5: Adding the maj7 and 9

Adding the maj7 to any triad in an inner voice
Adding the 9
The 2-7 to 3-1 motion

6: Drop-third and -fifth chords

Alternate chords for variation
Static chord changes

6.2: The primary chords: I, IV, and V

Chords in a key
The I-IV-I
The I-V-I

6.3: The secondary chords: vi7, ii7, and iii7

Relative minor chord relationships

I-vi-IV-ii-V-I in every key

7: Voicing Common Tones

Smooth voice-leading between chords

8: Planning the top note

Voicing RH around the 1, 3, and 5
Building simple melodies