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Prices reduced for all hymnals

Mar 20, 2019

Friends, thanks for your support of our hymnal project, Sing the Wonders. We’ve sold thousands of pew and spiral copies to churches all over the US. The feedback has been incredibly encouraging, and it confirms what we’ve known all along: hymnals continue to be a wonderful tool for churches, small groups, and individuals.

In anticipation of a third printing, we’re reducing the price of our spiral hymnals to $11 each. You can purchase copies here:

spiral hymnals

We’re also offering a special deal on the pew edition if you buy it by the box: 16 copies for $128, which works out to $8 per copy! You can still purchase single copies for $10 each.

spiral hymnals

Why the price reduction? In the print world (as with most industries), higher quantity means lower cost per unit. Due to the continuing demand for this hymnal edition, we’re able to print more copies.

It’s our prayer that this resource continues to encourage and strengthen the faith of believers everywhere.