Sing the Wonders (2018): Pew edition PDF


The second edition of our hymnal (printed in 2018) is available here as a digital download. There are TWO downloads, The first is the PDF of the hymnal exactly as it is printed; it’s a simple file with no navigation links. The second download is a zipped folder with all the PDFs as individual files.


NOTE: in order to accommodate the titles and hymn numbers, some of the song titles had to be shifted to the left or right. You can use a PDF editor to re-center these titles for printing individual PDFs.

If your church has a CCLI license, purchasing this PDF allows you to make copies under your CCLI license agreement. Please make sure all duplication is done in accord with applicable CCLI laws. If you aren’t sure about specifics, you can read more here. In short, we allow you to make as many copies as you want (unlike most other digital hymnals), but the individual copyright holders require a CCLI license.

In accordance with CCLI laws (and individual copyright holders), digital resources are not transferable to other churches.


The Finale files are also available for purchase through Grace Music.