Words: Esther Arnold

Music: American folk melody, in The Sacred Harp, 1844

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He who dwells within the shelter
of Jehovah, God Most High,
will abide in the Almighty,
in His shadow safely hide.
To the Lord I will declare,
"You are my God, my sure defense;
my strong Fortress and my Refuge,
all my hope and confidence."

He will save you from the trapper
and from deadly pestilence,
with His wings surround and hide you,
shield you with His faithfulness.
Nightly terrors shall not harm you,
nor the arrow's flight by day;
dread disease and bleak destruction
shall not fill you with dismay.

Though a thousand die beside you,
thousands fall at your right hand,
it shall not approach to slay you;
in disaster you will stand.
You will see the wicked punished,
for your Refuge is the Lord.
Evil will not come to meet you,
nor a plague find your abode.

Mighty angels charged to serve you
will come swiftly to your aid.
They will guard you as you journey,
keeping watch on all your ways.
lest a stone should make you stumble,
they will lift you in their hands.
You will tread down fearsome lions,
on the serpent safely stand.

"I will save him," says Jehovah,
"for he knows and loves My name.
I will set his soul in safety,
lift him up from death and shame.
When he calls Me, I will answer,
in distress be ever near;
length of days shall be his comfort;
My salvation will appear."
Words: © 2016 Esther Arnold. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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