Words: Martin Leckebusch

Music: Johann Crüger, 1647

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Appointed by the Lord
as Lord of all creation,
You reign in majesty
beyond imagination:
Your eager servants wait
for all that You command;
Your foes must bow before
the scepter in Your hand.

The calling of a priest
will rest on You forever,
confirmed by God's own oath,
a bond that none can sever:
within Yourself You bore
the cost of priceless grace—
Your sacred role transcends
the breadth of time and space.

You made this world Your home
and shared our pain and pleasure;
in tiredness, hunger, thirst
You felt our mortal measure—
so gracious sympathy
and holy wrath shall meet
when, on that final day,
You take Your judgment seat.
Words: © Kevin Mayhew Ltd. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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