Words: Eileen Berry

Music: J. Baptiste Calkin, 1827–1905

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Be gracious, Lord, to me;
Your mercy may I know.
O wash me thoroughly;
Your great compassion show.
Blot out my sin, for I confess
the lawlessness and guilt within.

Against, You, Lord, alone
offenses mount up high;
the sins I once condoned
are laid before Your eye.
How just Your word! To You alone
my guilt I own, O blameless Lord.

Brought forth in sin was I,
depraved and dark, my heart.
With hyssop purify
my every inward part.
Wash even me, and then I know
as white as snow my heart shall be.

Renew my spirit, Lord;
I yield to Your control,
salvation's joy restored,
my broken heart made whole.
Now all my days may I rejoice
and lift my voice to sing Your praise.

© 2014 Eileen Berry. All rights reserved. Used by permission.