Words: Martin Leckebusch

Music: Daniel Read, 1785

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Come, one and all, from near and far,
to share the insights I have found:
a heart which has been taught by faith
informs the wisdom I expound.

Some flaunt their gold, some trust its pow'r—
but what they cherish will decay;
and still the ransom for a soul
remains a price too great to pay.

Though wealth or learning may be ours,
or fame that spreads throughout the land,
the shackles of mortality
prevent so much that we have planned.

Beyond this age of shame and sham
we glimpse a better destiny:
the Lord will lift us free from death
to walk with Him eternally.

Why crave renown or opulence?
They fade, those things we now possess;
our hope, our life are in the Lord,
the God we honor and confess.
Words: © Kevin Mayhew Ltd. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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