Words: David P. Regier

Music: Frederick C. Atkinson, 1870

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Blest is the one with mercy toward the poor;
Yahweh will save him on the day of woe.
God will sustain, blest on this earthen shore;
Healed from affliction and kept safe from foe.

Lord, show me mercy, heal me of my sin.
Foes wish me evil, that I pass from earth.
Outwardly bright, deception all within;
Telling their hatred to devise my hurt.

In my affliction, numbered with the dead,
With their deceit, my downfall they extol.
Even my friend who, trusted, ate my bread
Lifts up his heel against my weary soul.

O Lord, have mercy! Let me them repay;
Your favor mine; rejoicing, theirs no more.
You have upheld me, true, before Your face.
Blest be the Lord our God forevermore!
Words: © 2017 David P. Regier. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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