Words: Jim Sayers

Music: Johann Gottfried Schicht, 1753–1823

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Bow down Your ear, O Lord, and hear,
though poor and needy, I draw near,
preserve my life, O God;
have mercy, Lord, I cry to You,
rejoice Your servant's soul anew;
I look to You, O Lord.

O Lord, so ready to forgive,
since all who seek Your mercy live,
be pleased to hear my prayer:
receive my earnest heart's request,
when troubles, fear, and foes molest,
save me from every snare.

Among the gods of all the earth,
and all their works, of little worth,
no god like You is known;
all nations at Your feet shall fall
to name You mighty Lord of all,
for You are God alone.

O God, the proud have brought me strife,
a mob has tried to take my life;
they do not seek Your face.
Lord, slow to anger, You abound
in love and deep compassion, crowned
with mercy, truth, and grace.

O Lord, in mercy, turn and see,
grant new reserves of grace to me,
and save Your faithful son.
Give me a sign that all is well;
shame all my foes, that I may tell
of all that You have done.
Words: © Jim Sayers/Praise Trust www.praise.org.uk. All rights reserved.
Music: Public domain

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