Composer: Paris Antiphoner

Author: Timothy Dudley-Smith

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Verse 1:
Christ high-ascended, now in glory seated,
throned and exalted, victory completed,
death's dread dominion finally defeated,
we are His witnesses.

Verse 2:
Christ from the Father every pow'r possessing,
who on His chosen lifted hands in blessing,
sends forth His servants, still in faith confessing,
we are His witnesses.

Verse 3:
Christ, who in dying won for us salvation,
lives now the First-born of the new creation;
to win disciples out of every nation,
we are His witnesses.

Verse 4:
Christ in his splendor, all dominion gaining,
Christ with His people evermore remaining,
Christ to all ages gloriously reigning,
we are His witnesses.

Verse 5:
As at His parting, joy shall banish grieving,
faith in His presence strengthen our believing;
filled with His Spirit, love and pow'r receiving,
we are His witnesses.

© 1984 Hope Publishing Company