Words: Associate Reformed Presbyterian Psalter, 1931

Music: John Hatton, 1793

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Come, let us sing unto the Lord
new songs of praise with sweet accord;
for wonders great by Him are done;
His hand and arm have vict'ry won.

The great salvation of our God
is seen through all the earth abroad;
before the heathen's wond'ring sight,
He hath revealed His truth and right.

He called to mind His truth and grace
in promise made to Israel's race;
and unto earth's remotest bound,
glad tidings of salvation sound.

All lands to God lift up your voice;
sing praise to Him, with shouts rejoice;
with voice of joy and loud acclaim,
let all unite and praise His name.

Praise God with harp, with harp sing praise,
with voice of psalms His glory raise;
with trumpets, cornets, gladly sing
and shout before the Lord, the King.

Let earth be glad, let oceans roar
and all that dwell from shore to shore;
floods clap their hands with one accord,
and hills rejoice before the Lord.

For lo, He comes; at His command
all nations shall in judgment stand;
in justice robed and throned in light,
the Lord shall judge, dispensing right.
Words: This version © 2020 Grace Immanuel Bible Church
Music: Public domain

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