Tune: NEW PSALM 78

Words: Julie and Timothy Tennent

Music: Ben Patterson

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Come listen, O my people,
to the teaching we've been told.
My mouth will speak in parables,
things hidden from of old.
So that each generation
and the children yet unborn,
would know these things and in their turn,
would tell of God the Lord.

He led them through divided sea,
made water stand upright.
He guided them with cloud by day,
with light from fire all night.
He split the rocks in desert land,
gave water great as seas.
He brought them streams out of the rock
that flowed abundantly.

But they continued in their sin,
rebelled against the Lord;
they put God to the test when they
demanded food and cried.
They spoke against Him as they said,
"Can God produce this feat?
He split the rocks for water, but
can He supply us meat?"

Yet in His mercy, He forgave,
did not destroy their path.
time after time, held anger back;
did not stir up His wrath.
For He remembered they were flesh,
a breeze that does not stand.
How often they rebelled against
the Lord in desert lands.

What we have heard and we have known,
our fathers told each one,
we'll hide not from our children, but
will tell what God has done,
the statutes giv'n to Jacob and
the law which we were taught;
we'll tell the praise of the Lord,
His pow'r and wonders wrought!
Words: © 2020 Seedbed Psalter. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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