Words: Jim Sayers

Music: Welsh hymn melody

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Deliver me from all my foes,
the evil and malign;
O Lord, they plot to do me harm,
for no offense of mine.
Without a cause they seek my life;
have pity, see my need;
Lord God almighty, Israel's God,
judge every evil deed.

Like dogs that prowl the streets at night,
they fill our hearts with fear;
they spew out wicked words, and say,
"There is no God to hear."
But Lord, You laugh at all their ways
and mock the nations' pride;
I watch for You, O God my strength,
and in Your love I hide.

God, go before me, bring them down,
expose all they devise,
but spare their lives lest we forget
their treachery and lies.
In wrath consume their wickedness,
the pride and scorn of fools;
the nations near and far will know
the God of Jacob rules.

Once more they roam the town at night
and prowl each darkened street;
they snarl and howl like starving dogs
that find no food to eat;
but in the morning I will praise
the refuge You provide;
I sing to You, O God my strength,
and in Your love I hide.

© Jim Sayers/Praise Trust www.praise.org.uk. Used by permission.