Words: Carrie Inabnit, This Hope and Cliff Duren

Music: Carrie Inabnit, This Hope and Cliff Duren

A powerful choral anthem with tenor solo, scored for rhythm band and full orchestra. The group for whom this song was written, This Hope, has graciously given us permission to make this song freely available to other churches.

You can learn more about This Hope by visiting their website.

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He hangs the earth on nothing
He paints a sunrise sky
He stretches out the heavens
lights the stars with brilliant fire
He makes the mountains rumble
He causes storms to rage
He stirs the deepest oceans
gives His breath to lifeless clay

These are the edges of His ways
these are the whispers of His power
Only a glimpse of Him we see
and we are driven to our knees
With just a touch of Heaven’s grace
our hearts are drawn to fear His name
He reaches down in love to save
these are the edges of His ways

He came an walked among us
He raised the dead to life
He healed the sick and wounded
shed His blood to pay sin’s price

Like standing in the waves
looking to the deep
Or straining just to see beyond the galaxy
Now behind the veil
one day we will see
The fullness and the glory of our King

Words and Music by: Carrie Inabnit, This Hope and Cliff Duren
© 2012 This Hope Inc. / BMI / All rights reserved.
choir, orchestra, and tenor soloist

Key: A-B

orchestration (score and parts)

album recording