Words: Elizabeth Dowdell

Music: Elizabeth Dowdell and Henry C. Haffner

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Fret not yourself when evil seems
to prosper in the land,
nor when the wicked plots and schemes
against the righteous man.
Dwell faithfully, and trust God will
your heart's desires fulfill.

And though he thinks he's rooted fast,
unyielding like a tree,
the wicked one will fade like grass,
like smoke caught in a breeze.
His bow will break, his sword will fail;
and justice will prevail.

Be still before the Lord and wait;
delight in His commands.
And He shall keep your pathway straight,
uphold you with His hand.
A stronghold sure in troubled days,
the Lord His people saves.

I have not seen, in youth or age,
the righteous man decrease.
The Lord provides a heritage,
a future full of peace.
He is a refuge evermore,
for all who trust the Lord.
Words: © 2020 Elizabeth Dowdell. Used by permission.
Music: © 2020 Elizabeth Dowdell and Henry C. Haffner. Used by permission.

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