Words: Henry Francis Lyte, alt.

Music: Peter Davis

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Gently, gently lay Your rod
on my sinful head, O God;
stay Your wrath, in mercy stay,
for I sink beneath its sway.

Heal me, Lord: my flesh is weak;
strengthen me; Your grace I seek;
Lord, how long? Return to me;
lovingkindness may I see.

For within the silent grave,
none proclaims Your pow'r to save;
Lord, my trembling soul is grieved.
Speak, and I shall rise and live.

Yahweh hears and heeds my plea!
Sinners, O depart from Me
He shall bring my foes to shame;
glory be unto His name.
Words: Public domain
Music: © 2017 Mount Calvary Baptist Church. Used by permission.

These lyrics are public domain and may be duplicated or altered freely.
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