Words: David P. Regier

Music: English folk song, 18th cent.; harm. Dan Kreider

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Give ear unto my words, O Lord;
My meditations on Your ways.
O hear my cry, my King and God, 
For unto You, O Lord, I pray.

Lord, in the morning, hear my voice;
I look to You by morning's light.
In wickedness, You take no joy;
No evil dwells within Your sight.

Those who do evil, You abhor;
No proud shall stand before Your eyes.
Those who speak falsehood, You destroy,
the man of bloodshed You despise.

The faithless die in wickedness,
An open grave, their very word.
God, make them fall as they transgress,
For they rebel against You, Lord.

Let all who trust in You rejoice;
In joyful song, Your name adore.
O Lord, the righteous You shall bless,
Your grace, their shield forevermore.

© 2019 by David P. Regier