Words: The New Metrical Version of the Psalms, 1909, alt.

Music: William Croft, 1708

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Give praise to the Lord, and sing a new song;
amid all the saints God's praises prolong;
a song to your Maker and Ruler now raise,
all children of Zion: rejoice and give praise.

With timbrel and harp and joyful acclaim,
with gladness, O God, we praise Your great name;
for now in Your people Your pleasure You seek;
with robes of salvation You cover the meek.

In glory exult, all saints of the Lord;
with song in the night high praises accord;
go forth in God's service and strong in His might
to conquer all evil and stand for the right.

For this is God's word: the saints shall not fail,
but over the earth their pow'r shall prevail;
all kingdoms and nations shall yield to their hand.
To God be the glory; His kingdom shall stand!
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