Words: The Psalter, 1912, and Dale Eiderkin

Music: Irish folk tune

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God of my youth, forsake me not
when I am old and grey,
and to the ones who come behind
Your power I'll display.
Your righteous ways are perfect, Lord,
they pass the heaven's height;
and none compares to You, O God,
Your wondrous works of might.

Though You have sent me many griefs,
my comfort You have been,
and up from sorrow's lowest depths,
You bring me up again.
O turn, and hear, and comfort me,
my failing strength in crease,
and for Your faithfulness, O God,
my song will never cease.

O Holy One of Israel,
I raise a song to You;
the soul that You have saved from death
shall praise Your name anew.
My foes that seek to cause me harm
are quickly put to shame;
my newborn soul with ceaseless song
Your goodness will proclaim.
Words: © 2020 Dale Eiderkin. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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