Tune: GENEVAN 68

Words: William W. J. VanOene

Music: Matthias Greiter, Stassburger Kirchenamt, 1525

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God shall arise, and by His might
put all His enemies to flight;
in conquest shall He quell them.
Let those who hate Him, scattered,
flee before His glorious majesty,
for God Himself shall fell them.
Just as the wind drives smoke away,
so God will scatter the array
of those who evil cherish.
As wax that melts before the fire,
so vanquished by God's dreadful ire,
shall all the wicked perish.

But let the just with joyful voice
in God's victorious might rejoice;
let them exult before Him!
O sing to God, His praise proclaim
and raise a psalm unto His name;
in joyful songs adore Him.
Lift up your voice and sing aloud
to Him who rides upon the clouds
high in the spacious heavens.
The Lord, that is His glorious name.
Sing unto Him with loud acclaim;
to Him be glory given.

The Father to the fatherless,
defense of widows in distress,
is in His habitations.
He in the goodness of His grace
gives lonely ones a dwelling place;
He grants them consolation.
He leads the captive out to see
the joys of new-found liberty,
for bounteous is God's mercy.
But who against Him dare rebel
most certainly with famine dwell:
their land is dry and thirsty.

When through the desert's solitude
Thou to Thy people's multitude
didst show a path to travel,
the rain poured down, the earth did quake,
yes, even Sinai's base did shake
before the God of Israel.
Rain in abundance Thou, O God,
upon Thy host didst shed abroad,
Thy heritage reviving.
Thy flock has found a dwelling there:
Thou to Thy poor didst show Thy care,
for all their needs providing.

When God but speaks His mighty word,
great is the host whose shouts are heard:
"The kings have fled like cattle!"
The women who at home abide,
Yes, even they the spoil divide,
gained by their men in battle.
See here the wealth which they did bring:
now silver decks a pigeon’s wings
and glist'ning gold its feathers.
Before the Lord the kings all fled
as snow is on Mount Zalmon spread
by blasts of stormy weather.

O mount of Bashan, massive height,
far higher than all peaks in sight,
so great and elevated!
O you, whose tops are seen from far,
whose peaks so high and numerous are,
so glorious and elated!
Why do you still with envy look
at Zion's mount, which God once took
and made His throne's location?
God has desired this mountain fair
for His abode, and always there
will have His habitation.
Words: © 1972 William W. J. VanOene. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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