Words: Adam Carlill

Music: Justin H. Knecht, 1797

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God, we praise Your holy name,
all Your wonders, and proclaim,
how Your name is ever near;
so we praise You year by year.

I will seize the coming time,
rightly judging acts of crime.
Though the earth and peoples squirm,
I will hold their pillars firm.

You who boast, and vaunt your pride,
wicked, and self-satisfied,
be not boastful, be not proud,
neither let your voice be loud.

Not from east or south or west
is promotion manifest.
God is Judge to test and try,
bringing down, and raising high.

From the Lord there is a cup,
mixed and foaming wine to sup;
all the wicked must comply,
drink it down, and drain it dry.

I will sing and ever tell
of the God of Israel.
Slaying wicked to the dust,
God will raise the pure and just.
Words: © 2018 Psalms for the Common Era, Adam Carlill. All rights reserved.
Music: Public domain

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