Words: Edwin F. Hatfield, 1845, alt.

Music: Martin Herbst, 1676

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God, why have You cast us out?
Harsh the judgments You have brought.
God of mercy! Turn once more,
and our broken hearts restore.

You have torn the earth in two;
heal its wounds with grace anew.
You have granted no relief;
bitter is our cup of grief.

Let Your banners fly unfurled,
truth unveiled to all the world.
Save us, Lord! To You we cry;
answer us, before we die.

Savior, fight for us again!
Other saviors all are vain.
Yet with God we shall prevail;
He will save when foes assail.
Words: This version © 2020 Dale R. Eiderkin. All rights reserved.
Music: Public domain

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