Words: David P. Regier

Music: David P. Regier

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Had it not been for the Lord with us;
had it not been for the Lord with us,
when against us rose our raging foes,
they'd swallowed us alive.

When their anger burned against us,
then the waters would have covered us;
and the swelling tide, would have opened wide
and swept out souls away.

Blessed be the Lord who rescues us
from the mouths of those who hunted us;
like a bird in flight, our souls alight,
secure from trapper's snare.

Now the snare is broken; we are free!
Praise our helper, Lord Most High is He;
blessed be His name, age to age the same,
who made the heav'ns and earth.

© 2020 David P. Regier. Used by permission.