Words: Dale R. Eiderkin

Music: Enchiridia, Erfurt, 1524; harm. Seth Calvisius, 1594

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Hear me, Lord! My plea is just;
give attention to my cry!
Hear my prayer; it does not come
from deceit, from lips that lie.

Let my judgment fall from You,
for You see all that is right.
You know well my heart is true;
I am blameless in Your sight.

Guarded, every step has been;
in Your paths my feet have stayed.
I have cried to You again,
for You answered when I prayed.

Show Your lovingkindness, God,
refuge for the hunted prey.
Keep me as Your treasured one;
in Your shadow, safe I'll stay.

Wicked ones encompass me,
cold in heart and proud in tongue;
my destruction they would see,
eager as a lion strong.

Rise, O Lord, and cast them down!
Greedy, grasping sons of strife!
To my sight, Your face is known;
in Your presence, there, my life!
Words: © 2020 Dale R. Eiderkin. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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