Words: Chris Anderson

Music: Russian Tune, arr. Dwight Gustafson

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Hear my pray'r; hide not Yourself from me.
Heed my groans before the enemy.
Horrors fill my quaking breast;
would that I had wings to fly to rest!
Hear my desp'rate prayer, and grant me rest!

Strike, O Lord; destroy my enemies;
cities swell with their iniquities.
Foes were once my cherished friends;
recompense their sin, and speed their end.
Strike, O Lord, my foes, and speed their end.

Still I pray, assured that You will save.
Shield me through the battle I must wage.
Though the scoffer fears not God,
humble him before Your righteous rod.
Night and day I pray, extend Your rod.

Smooth as oil are the deceiver's words,
hiding hate as sharp as deadly swords.
Lord, I cast my cares on You!
With Your mighty arm, I'll not be moved;
though deceivers fall, I'll trust in You!

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