Words: Joseph Tyrpak

Music: Gesangbuch der Herzogl, 1784

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O Lord, our Lord, how awesome is
Your name in all the earth.
The skies display Your majesty;
Your name from them pours forth.
You choose the weak and foolish things
to shame the strong and wise,
and silence boasting enemies
with nursing babies' cries.

When I behold the midnight sky—
the work Your fingers made—
the moon holds fast my marv'ling eyes;
the stars arrest my gaze.
I question why You care for man;
I cannot comprehend
why You who formed this vast expanse
would humbly condescend.

Yet man is crowned in majesty—
with lofty honor graced.
You station him just underneath
the high angelic race.
Appointed by Your sov'reign hand
he reigns as nature's prince
o'er every beast that roams the land
or in the ocean swims.

Our Lord and Maker, Jesus Christ,
took on Him human flesh;
below the angels for a time,
in lowliness He dressed.
Small children hailed Messiah's fame:
"Hosanna!" loud they cried;
while all His foes replied, inflamed,
"Let Him be crucified!"

But Christ arose as King of kings,
the sov'reign Lord of all!
God placed all things beneath His feet;
each knee to Him will fall.
We praise the name of Jesus Christ,
the name of highest worth:
O Lord, our Lord, how awesome is
Your name in all the earth!
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Music: Public domain

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