Words: David P. Regier

Music: Traditional Welsh melody

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How blest is the one whose offense is forgiv'n,
Whose sin has been covered and pardoned within;
Against whom the Lord has not counted misdeed,
The one who in spirit from guile has been freed.

When I kept my silence concerning my wrong,
My body decayed as I moaned all day long.
By day and by night under Thy heavy hand,
My strength was consumed in a dry, fevered land.

My sin I acknowledged, my crime I addressed;
So I to the Lord my transgression confessed.
O Lord, You forgave me the guilt of my sin;
You washed my soul clean, and You cleansed me within.

Let godly ones pray while You, Lord, may be found;
In floods of great waters, they dwell on high ground.
For You are my fortress, my refuge from wrong;
And in Your deliv'rance surround me with song.

© 2017 by David P. Regier