Words: Ada Roeper-Boulogne

Music: Joseph Parry, 1879

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How I love You, Lord, my God,
You my Rock and Fortress strong;
constant Refuge, mighty Shield—
I will praise You in my song.
Snares of death entangled me,
hellish torrents frightened me;
but You heard my desperate cry,
and Your hand has set me free.

All creation reeled and rocked,
mountains quaked when God came down,
soaring on the wings of wind,
fire and hailstones all around.
Then His anger, with a blast,
split the sea that billowed there;
when the Lord unleashed His wrath,
earth's foundations were laid bare.

From on high the Lord reached down,
seized me with His pow'rful arm;
when the floods engulfed my soul,
He delivered me from harm.
God, the Lord, my strong support,
brought me to a spacious place,
for it is His great delight
to reward my righteous ways.

With the faithful You are true,
to the pure You show Your grace,
but to crooked humankind
You reveal an angry face.
You, Lord, bring the haughty low,
save the humble from their plight,
and You keep my lamp aglow,
turn my darkness into light.

All God's promises are sure.
Who is God besides the Lord?
He is perfect in His ways.
Who the Rock except our God?
It is God who gives me strength;
He enables me to stand
high above the battlefield,
held up by His pow'rful hand.

God prepares me well for war,
makes my feet as swift as deer,
arms me with salvation's shield,
makes my pathway broad and sure.
I pursued my enemies
till they fell beneath my feet,
beat them fine like blowing dust,
low like dirt that lines the street.

God has rescued me from strife
with the nations all around.
He has made me head of all;
foreign leaders now bow down.
Yes, the Lord exalted me
over all my enemies;
they obey all my commands,
cringing low on trembling knees.

God, the Lord, my Savior, lives!
To the Rock be all the praise!
He has overcome my foes,
shown me His unfailing grace.
Lord, I will extol Your name
and make all Your blessings known.
You give vict'ry to Your King,
give His heirs a royal throne.
Words: © 1987 CRC Publications. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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