Tune: NEW PSLAM 13

Words: The Scottish Psalter, 1650, alt.

Music: Josh Sparkman

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How long will You forget me, Lord?
Shall it forever be?
O how long shall it be that You
will hide Your face from me?
How long take counsel in my soul,
with sorrow deep in me?
How long exalted over me
shall be my enemy?

O Lord my God, consider me
and answer my complaint.
My eyes enlighten, lest the sleep
of death should make me faint.
So that no enemy should say,
"Against him I prevailed."
Or those that trouble me rejoice,
when I am moved and failed.

But I have set my confidence
upon Your steadfast love.
My heart within me shall rejoice
at rescue from above.
I will unto the Lord my God
sing praises cheerfully,
because He has His bounty shown
to me abundantly.
Words: Public domain
Music: © 2020 by Josh Sparkman. Used by permission.

These lyrics are public domain and may be duplicated or altered freely.
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