Words: Isaac Watts, 1719, alt.

Music: Dan Kreider

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Verse 1:
How pleasant and divinely fair,
O Lord of hosts, Your dwellings are!
With great desire my spirit faints,
To see the shining hosts of saints.
My flesh would rest in Your abode;
my weary heart cries out for God:
"My God! My King! Why should I stay
far from the joys of endless day?"

Verse 2:
The sparrow has a place to rest,
and for her young provides a nest,
but will my God to them alone
pour out His mercy from the throne?
Blessed are the saints who dwell on high
around your throne, above the sky;
their brightest glories shine above,
and all their work is praise and love.

Verse 3:
Great God, attend, while Zion sings
the joy that from Your presence springs;
to spend a day within Your courts
exceeds a thousand days a part.
You are our Sun, You bless our day;
and You our Shield, to guard our way
from all assaults of hell and sin,
from foes without and fears within.

Verse 4:
All needed grace You will bestow,
and crown that grace with glory too;
You give all things, and You withhold
no heav'nly good from upright souls.
O God our King, whose sovereign sway
the glorious hosts of heav'n obey;
display Your grace, exert Your pow'r,
'til all on earth Your name adore.
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