Words: David P. Regier

Music: French melody

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I cry with my voice to Yahweh;
I make all my troubles plain.
My plea unto Him shall I pray;
I declare to Him my pain.
You alone have known my pathway,
When my troubled heart is faint.

In the pathway where I journey,
Hidden is a snare for me.
No one for my soul concerning;
Look upon my right and see.
Who regards my soul with caring?
There is no escape for me.

I cry out to You, my refuge!
You, Lord, shall my portion be!
In You shall I find my shelter;
In You, my estate I see.
Hear my lowly cry, my pleading;
My foe is too strong for me.

Free my soul, O Lord, from prison;
That to You I may give praise.
Loose me from my own transgression,
That I may exalt Your name.
Then the righteous will surround me,
For You have Your servant raised.

© 2017 by David P. Regier. All rights reserved. Used by permission.