Words: Fred R. Anderson

Music: Gesangbuch der Herzogl, 1784

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I love You, Lord, my strength, my rock,
my fortress and my aid.
My refuge and salvation's hope,
to You I long have prayed.
Though cords and snares encompassed me,
confronting me with death,
in my distress I called to You,
my life and source of breath.

In Your own courts You heard my plea;
my crying reached Your ear.
The mountains shook, foundations reeled;
Your anger strikes such fear.
You came to me on wings of wind,
with storm and lightning's pow'r.
You saved me from my enemies;
You give me strength each hour.

Your statues, Lord, I daily keep;
my actions seek Your will.
In loyalty I walk Your way;
my heart is steadfast still.
You pay the righteous with right things,
yet bring the haughty low.
A perfect shield for all in need,
destruction to Your foe.

For who is God except the Lord,
my rock, my strength, my stay?
Salvation's shield You give to me;
You widen victory's way.
Blest be Your name, O living God,
the victory You have won.
Your name I will proclaim to all,
O saving, sov'reign One.
Words: © Fred R. Anderson. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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