Words: Joseph Tyrpak

Music: Frederick C. Atkinson, 1870

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I plead for grace, O God of steadfast love;
by Your great mercy, all my sin remove.
Deeply ashamed for spurning You alone,
I stand condemned before Your holy throne.

Though You want truth and purity within,
I am unclean, conceived with inborn sin.
Purge me with blood, and wash me white as snow.
Hide my transgressions; heal my broken soul.

Create in me a spotless heart, I pray.
Take not Your Spirit! Case me not away!
Restore to me salvation's joy anew,
then I will teach the lost to turn to You.

Save me, O God—with blood my hands are stained!
Open my lips to praise Your righteous name.
Though You reject a thoughtless sacrifice,
my broken, contrite heart You'll not despise.

Lord, in Your goodness, build up Zion's walls.
Let not my sin tear down Your glorious cause.
May You delight in every sacrifice,
offered by sinners You have purified.

God can be just and sinners justify,
for Jesus bled God's wrath to satisfy.
My sins the spikes that nailed Christ to the tree—
God's love and justice there for all to see.

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