Tune: NEW PSALM 121

Words: David P. Regier

Music: Dan Kreider

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I will lift up my eyes unto the hills;
Where does my help come, where, but from the Lord?
Heaven and earth created by His will,
And He shall guide my steps by His own word.

The Lord who holds you, never will He sleep;
He never slumbers, while His own He keeps.
He will protect you, and shade you on your right;
And shield you from the sun, and moon by night.

God will protect from evil and from sin;
His promise keeps your soul, and will restore.
He guards your steps, your going out and in,
From now unto the end, forevermore.
Words: © 2017 David P. Regier. All rights reserved.
Music: © 2020 Dan Kreider. All rights reserved.

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