Tune: NEW PSALM 38

Words: Air from Skene Manuscript, 1630, adapt. Gregory D. Wilbur

Music: The Psalter, 1912, alt.

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In Your wrath and hot displeasure,
chasten not Your servant, Lord;
let Your mercy, without measure,
help and peace to me afford.
Heavy is my tribulation,
sore my punishment has been;
broken by Your indignation,
I am troubled by my sin.

With my burden of transgression
heavy-laden, overborne,
humbled low I make confession,
for my folly now I mourn.
Weak and wounded, I implore You;
Lord, to me Your mercy show;
all my prayer is now before You,
all my trouble well You know.

Darkness gathers, foes assail me,
but I answer not a word;
all my friends desert and fail me,
You alone my cry have heard.
Lord, in you am I confiding;
You will answer when I call;
do not let my foes, deriding,
triumph in Your servant's fall.

I am prone to halt and stumble,
grief and sorrow dwell within,
shame and guilt my spirit humble;
I am sorry for my sin.
Lord, my God, do not forsake me,
let me know that You are near,
under Your protection take me;
as my Savior, now appear.
Words: Public domain
Music: © 2020 Gregory D. Wilbur. Used by permission.

These lyrics are public domain and may be duplicated or altered freely.