Words: Dale R. Eiderkin

Music: Pietro Yon, 1917

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Jehovah reigns in majesty,
between the cherubim;
the nations tremble at His voice
and shake in fear of Him.
The Lord is great in Zion's hill,
and high above the earth;
let all the peoples praise Your name
of matchless, holy worth.

The mighty King, all justice loves,
and fairness He ordains;
He rules His people righteously
and faithfulness maintains.
O magnify the Lord our God,
exalt His name with me;
in worship at His footstool bow:
the Holy One is He.

When priests and prophets called to God,
their humble cries He heard.
His cloudy pillar marked their way,
and they obeyed His word.
He sent His judgment for their sins,
then pardon flowing free.
Exalt the Lord and worship Him:
the Holy One is He.
Words: © 2020 Dale R. Eiderkin. All rights reserved.
Music: Public domain

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