Words: Stopford A. Brooke, 1881

Music: Jakob Hintze, 1678; harm. Johann Sebastian Bach, 18th cent.

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Let the whole creation cry,
"Glory to the Lord on high!"
Heav'n and earth, awake and sing,
"God is good, and God is King!"
Praise Him, angel hosts above,
ever bright and fair in love;
sun and moon, lift up your voice,
night and stars, in God rejoice!

Warriors fighting for the Lord,
prophets burning with His word,
those to whom the arts belong,
add their voices to the song.
Kings of knowledge and of law,
to the glorious circle draw;
all who work and all who wait,
sing, "The Lord is good and great!"

Men and women, young and old,
raise the anthem manifold,
and let children's happy hearts
in this worship take their parts;
from the north to southern pole
let the mighty chorus roll:
"Holy, holy, holy One,
glory be to God alone!"
Words and Music: Public domain

These lyrics are public domain and may be duplicated or altered freely.