Words: Dan Kreider

Music: Dan Kreider

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Lift every heart before a wond'ring earth:
sing praise to God.
Loving and true, His name of matchless worth:
sing praise to God.
His word is lifted high,
His name unto the sky,
His ear attends our cry:
sing praise to God.

Kings of the earth resound in thund'rous voice:
sing praise to God.
At His decrees, with thankful heart rejoice:
sing praise to God.
The shining stars His throne,
the poor to Him are known,
the humble made His own:
sing praise to God.

Dark though the way, my soul You raise again:
sing praise to God.
Safe in Your hand from every foe and sin:
sing praise to God.
Your plan and purpose sure,
Your mercy will endure,
Your saints will dwell secure:
sing praise to God.
Words and Music: © 2020 Grace Immanuel Bible Church
Music: Public domain

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