Tune: NEW PSALM 102

Words: The Psalter, 1912

Music: Gregory D. Wilbur

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Lord, hear my prayer, and let my cry
have ready access unto You;
when in distress to You I fly,
hide not Your mercy from my view.
Attend, O Lord, to my desire,
O haste to answer when I pray;
for grief consumes my strength like fire,
my days as smoke pass swift away.

My heart is withered like the grass,
and I forget my daily bread;
in lonely grief my days I pass
and sad my thoughts upon my bed.
My foes reproach me all the day,
my drink is tears, my bread is grief,
for in Your wrath I pass away,
my days are like a fading leaf.

But You, Jehovah, shall endure,
Your throne forever is the same;
and to all generations sure
shall be Your great memorial name.
The time for Zion's help is near,
the time appointed in Your love;
O let Your gracious aid appear,
look down in mercy from above.

O Lord, regard the prayer of those
who love the walls of Zion well,
whose hearts are heavy for her woes,
who sad amid her ruins dwell.
Your might and glory shall appear,
and Zion's walls shall be restored;
then all the kings of earth shall fear,
and heathen nations serve the Lord.

The Lord, exalted on His throne,
looked down from heav'n with mercy's eye
to still the lowly captive's groan
and save His people doomed to die.
The hosts in Zion shall declare
His gracious name with one accord,
when kings and nations gather there
to serve and worship God the Lord.