Words: Adam Carlill

Music: Johann Crüger, 1649

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Lord, in You I have been sheltered;
may I never be bewildered.
By Your righteousness relieve me;
hear me, save me and receive me.
Be my safe and sturdy stronghold;
be my sure and steady foothold;
be my citadel and refuge;
be my cover from the deluge.

God, release me from the vicious,
from the wicked and malicious.
Lord, my hope and my defender,
from my youth when I was tender,
You, my confidence in trouble,
from my youth in every struggle,
from my mother’s womb You brought me,
cut my birthing cord, and caught me.

God, in You my praise is constant.
Many see me as a portent.
Lord, You are a mighty shelter,
ever my sufficient helper.
Now my mouth will praise Your glory
all the day; do not ignore me,
when in age I am diminished,
when my mortal strength is finished.

Hateful foes who wait to snatch me,
seek my life, and try to catch me,
speak in anger, "Seize him, take him,
God has left him, none can save him."
Help me now, do not desert me;
may my foes, who seek to hurt me,
face the sound of accusation,
and be wrapped in condemnation.

As I wait with perseverance,
adding praises with persistence,
all day long, with celebration,
telling folk of Your salvation,
all Your works, in earth and heaven,
number more than I can reckon;
I declare Your saving justice,
righteous might, and I proclaim this.

From my youth, when I was tender,
You have guided me; I render
praise to You, for all Your wonders,
make You known to many others.
Now, my God, do not forsake me,
though senility may take me,
till I tell Your saving strength to
generations, who will praise You.

God, Your justice and Your power
reach above the highest tower.
Who is like You, when You show me
grief, to try me and to hone me?
All will magnify and praise me,
when You bring me back, to raise me
from the depths of earth, extending
life and comfort, and defending.

I will praise Your truth with music,
take my instrument and use it,
melody and praises, ringing
to the Lord, in joy and singing.
Ransomed, I will tell Your justice,
how the Lord alone is trusted,
bringing shame upon the rebels,
who have hurt me in my troubles.
Words: © 2018 Psalms for the Common Era, Adam Carlill. All rights reserved.
Music: Public domain

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