Words: Jim Sayers

Music: Thomas J. Williams, 1890

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Lord, in You I've taken refuge,
let me not be put to shame;
God most righteous, turn and save me,
Rock of refuge, still the same;
speak the word for my salvation,
be the fortress of my life;
spare me from the pow'rs of evil,
from their wickedness and strife.

From my earliest years I've known You,
sov'reign Lord of all my days,
from the womb sustained, provided;
let my mouth declare Your praise;
though the world may mock and wonder,
You are my security;
in old age do not forsake me,
scorn not my infirmity.

All my foes conspire together:
"Kill him, now his God has gone!"
O my God, be not far from me,
cover them with shame and scorn.
As for me, my hope is certain;
I will praise Your name in song,
all Your righteousness proclaiming,
Your salvation all day long.

From my youth Your word has taught me;
keep me, when I'm old and grey,
telling every generation
all the pow'r Your works display,
righteousness I cannot measure
reaching far beyond the skies;
who on earth, O God, is like You,
ever mighty, ever wise?

Though my way be dark and bitter,
yet I’ll see my life restored,
from the depths raised up, exalted,
loved and honored by the Lord.
Praise the Holy One of Israel,
harp and lyre and joyful voice!
Tell to all of my Redeemer,
shout aloud! My soul, rejoice!
Words: © Jim Sayers/Praise Trust www.praise.org.uk. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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