Words: David P. Regier

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Lord, rebuke me not in anger,
Nor in wrath my soul address.
O be gracious in my sorrow;
Heal my bones in their distress.
How my soul is greatly shaken;
Tell me Lord, how long? How long?
Come deliver, rescue, save me;
Sing to me Your mercies' song.

In the tomb, I cannot thank You;
In the grave, how can I praise?
I am weary with my groaning;
Tears have dimmed my hopeful gaze.
Full of grief, my eyes are swelling;
I dissolve my bed with tears.
For my foe is near me dwelling
And has filled my heart with fear.

Flee from me, O man of evil;
Let the wicked now depart,
For the Lord has heard my weeping,
And the anguish of my heart.
He receives my supplication
When I call upon His name.
Then my enemies are shaken;
They are brought to utter shame.