Tune: NEW PSALM 88

Words: The Psalter, 1912

Music: Dan Kreider

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Lord, the God of my salvation,
day and night to You I cry;
hear my prayer for Your acceptance,
let Your mercies multiply.
Full of troubles and affliction,
near to death my soul is brought,
helpless, like one cast forever
from Your care and from Your thought.

You have brought me down to darkness,
in Your wrath I am oppressed;
all the waves of deep affliction
overwhelm my soul distressed.
You have made my friends despise me,
and companionless I go,
bound and helpless in my bondage,
pining in my bitter woe.

Unto You with hands uplifted
daily I direct my cry;
hear, O Lord, my supplication;
hear and save me, or I die.
Will You wait to show Your wonders
and Your mercy to the dead?
Let me live to tell Your praises,
by Your lovingkindness led.