Words: Evangelical Psalter

Music: Neues Geistreiches Gesangbuch, 1714, harm. J.S. Bach, 1685–1750

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Lord, when evil times hold sway,
why are You so far away?
Why do malice, greed, and pride,
unrestrained by You, abide?
Love of self and sin are rife;
unbelief rules every life.

Grievous sinners feel secure,
fraud and lies prevail with pow'r;
in their heart is God denied,
all Your precepts they deride.
Why, O Lord, is judgment stayed,
and Your rod of pow'r delayed?

You have seen it, Lord, we know,
You are King of all below.
O arise, and lift Your hand,
move in power towards this land.
Break the mighty force of sin!
Bring a day of blessing in.
Words: © Wakeman Trust. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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