Words: Adam Carlill

Music: Pierre de Corbeil, 13th century

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Music to the Lord is right,
praising Him is our delight,
who rebuilds Jerusalem,
gath'ring Israel, all of them.

Banished, broken hearts He cures,
binding injuries and sores,
counting every star above,
every name, and how they move.

God, the Lord, is great in might,
lasting truth, eternal light,
saves the humble from their dearth,
casts the wicked down to earth.

Sing to God, the Lord, with praise,
offer thanks in all your days,
melody on harp and lyre,
making music to inspire.

For He fills the heav’n with cloud;
earth is covered like a shroud;
His the rain and cooling shower,
making mountain grasses flower.

He gives food to beast and bird,
feeds the ravens by His word,
takes no pleasure in a horse,
powerful legs or human force.

God, the Lord, is good and right;
those who fear are His delight,
those who wait for love and grace,
hope in Him and seek His face.

Praise the Lord, Jerusalem,
Zion, praise your God again,
who made firm your bars and gates,
blessed your children and estates.

He makes peace in your domain,
filling you with finest grain,
sends His word on earth below,
running swiftly here to grow.

Who can stand His freezing gust,
when He scatters ice as dust,
wooly snow upon the ground,
frost as morsels all around?

When He speaks, the breezes blow,
making frozen waters flow.
Jacob carries out His word,
every statute of the Lord.

Other nations on the earth
do not know His laws or worth.
Only Israel fears the Lord,
publishing His works abroad.
Words: © 2018 Psalms for the Common Era, Adam Carlill. All rights reserved.
Music: Public domain

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