Words: Donald P. Owens II

Music: Heinrich Schütz, 1661, alt.

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My heart, O God, is resolute!
I will sing forth Your praises.
Awake, my glory! Harp and lute!
I sing; the dawn awakens.
O Lord, I sing among the tribes;
my song to You all strength ascribes.
I'll praise among the nations.

Your mercy's great above the sky,
Your truth ascends to heaven.
Arise, O God, above the sky;
Your splendor o'er creation;
that Your beloved be set free,
hold out Your strong right hand to me;
respond and grant salvation.

God answered in His holiness,
"I will rejoice in triumph;
the lot of Shechem I assess,
and judge the Vale of Succoth."
Now who will give me safe resort?
Or lead me into Edom's fort?
Did You not let us languish?

Was it not You who sent us out
but did not join our forces?
Provide us help from trouble now!
The help of man is useless.
Through God we will do valiantly,
for He shall win our victory:
He'll trample our distresses.
Words: © 2013 Donald P. Owens II. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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